Nina Dobrev Has Fans In Hysterics With Her Gritty Solution To The Toilet Paper Shortage

Nina shared a video of her search for the elusive bathroom product.

Nina Dobrev attends the 21st Annual Warner Bros. And InStyle Golden Globe After Party
Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Nina shared a video of her search for the elusive bathroom product.

Nina Dobrev put on a medical mask and tried to track down some toilet paper. Her search yielded no results, but she did find a rather questionable replacement for the scarce bathroom product.

For many people, the inability to find toilet tissue has become a real issue. Even celebrities are having a hard time getting their hands on packages of the rolls of delicate paper that panic buyers just can’t seem to get enough of. Nina documented her trek down the toilet paper aisle of one store on her Instagram page, and all she initially had to show for her troubles was row after row of empty shelves.

In the video that she shared with her 19.2 million Instagram followers, Nina was rocking a casual outfit that included a pale pink crop top and matching drawstring sweatpants. On her feet, she wore a pair of black rain boots. Nina was also wearing a clear protective mask over her mouth.

The Vampire Diaries actress was clearly concerned about the highly contagious coronavirus. Panic over the spread of the deadly disease is what led to the toilet paper shortage.

An unidentified person filmed Nina as she leaned over the empty shelves. They had signs on them informing customers that there was a one-item limit on all in-demand paper products. However, Nina couldn’t even find a roll of paper towels.

As the actress was leaving the aisle, she did notice another product that’s often found in bathrooms. However, it’s not used by humans. She picked up a heavy box of “Double Duty” cat litter and held it up in front of the camera.

“Well, I guess we’re going to have to change methods,” she said.

As of this writing, Nina’s Instagram post has been liked over 104,000 times. It has also earned a flood of crying laughing emoji.

“You can always make someone smile!” read one response to her video.

“Don’t forgot a scoop! Haha,” another fan advised.

“Oh Nina you funny girl,” a third admirer wrote.

Some of her followers also asked her why she wasn’t wearing gloves, and she responded by saying that they were another product that she couldn’t get her hands on.

In her Instagram stories, Nina revealed that she had visited three different stores that were all out of toilet paper. She also mentioned some alternatives to the product that were not kitty litter.

“Guess we’re going to have to start water wiping,” she wrote. “Wonder if bidet toilets are sold out because of the pandemic.”

While Nina’s posts were humorous, she’s made it clear that she takes the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. In another Instagram post, she revealed that she has a friend who recently tested positive for COVID-19.

Nina is also doing her part to help the health care workers treating those who are sick. On her Twitter page, she announced that she’s donating $10,000 to help purchase masks and other supplies for the doctors and nurses who so desperately need them.