Hannah Palmer Poses On All Fours In Lingerie

Hannah Palmer takes a selfie.
Hannah Palmer / Instagram

Hannah Palmer took to her Instagram page yesterday to share a pic of her new dog, but her latest share was all about her incredible body. The blonde shared seven snaps in the series and posed on all fours in a few of the photos as she rocked a white lingerie set.

In the first picture, Hannah was photographed on her hands and knees as she glanced up at the camera with a huge smile on her face. Her cleavage was hard to miss and her lacy bottoms peeked through. The cutie wore her hair down in a heavy right part and left her curls to brush in front of her left shoulder.

Hannah’s bra had lacy accents and featured a small ribbon in the center of her cleavage. Her bottoms had scalloped lace edging throughout and offered tons of feminine vibes.

The update consisted entirely of black-and-white shots so it was hard to tell what colors were used for her makeup application, but her dark lashes and lipstick were prominent.

In the next photo, the model bent her knees and placed her hands close to her legs. She glanced up to her left with a sultry expression on her face.

The third and fourth images were different from the rest, as Hannah ditched her bra and posed topless. She stood with her arms and hands censoring her curves, although her underboob and sideboob were hard to miss.

The fifth snap was of Hannah sitting up on her knees as she bent forward slightly, and the final shot was of the sensation posing on all fours again.

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looking through old photos????

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The update is proving to be very popular, and it’s been liked over 13,200 times already, even though it’s only been live for 15 minutes. The bombshell’s followers left plenty of compliments in the comments section.

“Oh my god hannah,” gushed a social media user.

“Yikes! Call the fire dept!” exclaimed a second admirer.

“Omg absolutely pure Perfection,” declared a fan.

“Can’t believe you always looked this good,” wrote a fourth supporter, referring to the captions that indicated that these were throwback pics.

The social media star again showcased her eye-catching curves three days ago, that time opting for an orange thong bikini. The model’s top was so small that her underboob wasn’t contained, and her tiny bottoms left her curvy booty on show.

Hannah posed in a stairwell with blue-green tiled walls and was well-illuminated thanks to the flash. She wore her hair down with a side part and glanced at the camera with a flirty smile on her face.