Australian Hottie Tahlia Skaines Shows Off Enviable Booty In Barely There Bikini During Bali Getaway

Tahlia Skaines snaps a mirror selfie in a white lingerie set.
Tahlia Skaines / Instagram

Tahlia Skaines teased her 504,000 Instagram fans and followers on Thursday when she took to the popular social media platform to post a racy photo from her most recent getaway to Bali, Indonesia.

The photo showed the Australian bombshell and travel vlogger with her back to the viewer. The camera was placed at ground level, capturing Skaines from an angle that elongated her legs and outlined her enviable booty. The model had her right leg propped forward as she kept the other firmly in place, in a way that further accentuated the natural curves of her body. Her head was turned to the left as she took her right hand to her hair.

The 22-year-old vlogger stood under a sun umbrella in front of a low bamboo fence. The turquoise waters of the ocean glistened in the background against the white sand. According to the geotag added to the post, Skaines was in Uluwatu, a hilly limestone region that is home to some of Bali’s most scenic luxury villas and resorts.

Skaines, who was named “Woman of the Week” by GQ Australia in June 2017, sported an all-black two-piece bathing suit for a classic beach look that made her deeply tanned skin pop. Her bikini boasted a thong bottom that barely covered anything at all, baring her round, shapely booty. The bottoms featured thin straps that sat high on her sides, showcasing her full, wide hips and curvy lower body that contrasted with her slender midsection.

The model paired her bikini bottoms with a matching top with thin straps that went around her neck and back. The front of the bikini wasn’t fully visible in the photo. Skaines didn’t share where her swimsuit was from.

Since going live, the photo garnered more than 14,400 likes and upward of 130 comments.

“You’re [sic] blogs keeping my entertained rn. The spicy food Q&A had me actual LOLing,” one user chimed in, adding a string of grinning face with sweat emoji.

“No words,” replied another one, following the words with a fire and a heart-eyes emoji.

“Stunning figure,” a third one raved, trailing the comment with a 100-mark, fire, and several peach emoji.

The YouTube video, which is almost 40 minutes long, covered a lot of her adventures in Bali, including visiting friends who live on the island. The vlog also featured her boyfriend, who was with her during the two weeks she spent there. In her caption, Skaines noted that this will be her last vlog for a while since traveling has been heavily restricted amid the outbreak of COVID-19.