Demi Rose Dances Around In A Low-Cut Top

Demi Rose Mawby attends the KISS Haunted House Party 2018.
Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

Demi Rose turned her most recent videos on her Instagram story into a dance party, sharing several clips of herself shaking her booty for the camera.

The model wore a tight black crop top with long sleeves. The blouse boasted a low-cut, deep V neckline that showcased her ample bust. She paired the shirt with matching black leggings. The skintight pants hugged Demi’s every curve and showed off her derriere. She flaunted her tanned and toned midriff.

At first, Demi and her friend, fellow British model Harley Brash, posted a video of themselves listening intently to an online workout instructor.

“Home workout be like,” Demi captioned the clip, though she didn’t film the two following the exercises. Instead, she then filmed a selfie video, posing in different positions and angling the camera to get a full-body shot of her outfit.

In the next clip, the brunette bombshell laughed and danced around, swaying her hips back-and-forth to the beat of the song. She panned the camera around the room, capturing a video of herself tilting her head from side-to-side as Harley danced as well.

“Can’t go out but we happy,” Demi wrote, alluding to her time spent in quarantine due to the coronavirus.

Her voluminous brown hair cascaded down her shoulders and back, reaching the waistband of her pants. It was tousled and mussed up, due to the dancing.

Demi used the “Ariel Glow” Instagram filter, which smoothed out her skin.

Her brown brows were shaped and arched. Her lids shimmered with shadow. She wore thick, feathery lashes that fanned outwards and curled upwards, giving her a cat-eye look. Her honey brown eyes were rimmed with kohl liner.

The apples of her cheeks were brushed with a warm pink blush that made her cheekbones pop. Her lips were painted with a rose-colored gloss.

When she smiled, she showed off her pearly white teeth.

She paired the outfit with dainty silver studs in her ears.

Demi Rose often posts sultry photos and videos on her Instagram grid and story. One of her most recent photos featured the model lounging in bed in a black t-shirt and matching black panties. While this image appeared tamer in comparison to some of her more sizzling shots, the picture actually showed off a lot of skin, particularly Demi’s glowing legs. The snapshot also captured her hourglass figure and brilliant smile as she posed with her hands in her hair.